Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comments and Contact

Once again, I must apologise for not better keeping this blog updated. Life is, as usual, hectic, and sadly Operation Noah has had to take a backseat to more pressing priorities in the past few weeks.

I have recently received a great number of comments which indicate the level of interest in the story of Operation Noah is far higher than I had anticipated! Some are from nature lovers and conservationists, some are ex- or current Zimbabweans, and others are from people who knew and worked with my grandfather. I never imagined just how many people I would be connected with, from all over the world, by starting this blog. Testament to the power of the Internet!

Many of you mention you knew the Fothergills (my mum's family) when they were in Zimbabwe (or Rhodesia as it was at the time). If you would like to get in touch with Martin (currently in New Zealand) or Hilary or Christine (both in Australia), please leave your email address or other contact details in the comments section and I'll pass on to them.

If anyone has memories of my grandfather or the rescue operation that they would like to share, I would be delighted to publish them here on the site. Again, just leave your email address for me in the comments section and I will be in touch.

A few people have also expressed an interest in obtaining a copy of the Operation Noah footage on DVD - this is certainly something we're working towards, and I will keep you posted on how we progress towards figuring out how to fund and distribute copies. We've also got a bit of a dream of producing a documentary in the works... it would be great to be able to go back to Kariba and see how the wildlife is faring today. Obviously how the situation in Zimbabwe pans out over the next few years will determine whether or not that is feasible.

Many thanks again to everyone for your interest and support!


Chris said...

Hello, Piggy.
I would certainly be happy to pay a fare price for a copy of Operation Noah. I saw it many years ago on tv and beleive my grandad was in the film. He certainly worked on the construction of the da from 1955-59. Regadrs


Piggy said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your message - I'd be more than happy to send you a copy of Op Noah on DVD for the cost of a disc + postage,


Andre said...

Hallo Piggy
I would like to know if you could suggest where i could get a copy of the book and also the dvd of operation noah. I spent quite a lot of time around the edges of Kariba recently and would love to read more about it. My father in law has a copy of the book but would not part with it for any money.

Hannelie said...

Dear Piggy

We are a television production company in South Africa. A collegue is doing a production about the Great Lakes of Africa and we are editing the episodes about Kariba at the moment. The story would simply not be complete without reference to your grandfather and Operation Noah. We would like to interview either you or your mother if possible. Could you please contact me or Elsabe? hannelie@warrensworld.co.za

Anonymous said...

In the University of Queensland library there is a book called Animal Dunkirk by Eric Robins. It is all about Operation Noah.
This book is also available from Amazon.com

Mike said...

Hi Kirsten - please contact me by email - mikebromwich1@gmail.com - Rupert was my first warden when I joined National Parks in '66.
I am putting together a book on National Parks covering the period 1963 through to 1985
I have been in touch with your Mum re Rupert's citation, no one knows where it might be. You Mum sent me over copies of the press cuttings.
I have one old film Penduka Nzhou (Go home elephant) which I need to get digitilised - do you know of anyone in South Africa who will be able to do a good job and touch up where necessary.

Chris McCartney said...

Hi Kirsten,

Please contact me on bonani@intekom.co.za. I am doing genealogical research on the Fothergill family (I have a very tenous family link) and would like to obtain soome detail from you if possible. Regards, Chris

Lakeview said...

In 1960 my parents took us on a three week boat trip on the still rising lake. It was a trip I will never forget and one of the highlights was watching (and filming - silent 8mm) Rupert and his men chase (and be chased by) some warthog they were trying to capture. My family in South Africa still have that footage and could probably make a copy for you if you wish.
George de Neef

Lakeview said...

In 1960 my parents took us on a three week boat trip on the still rising lake. It was a trip I will never forget and one of the highlights was watching (and filming - silent 8mm) Rupert and his men chase (and be chased by) some warthog they were trying to capture. My family in South Africa still have that footage and could probably make a copy for you if you wish.
George de Neef Marcontech@cox.net

petjon said...

Hello Piggy,
I would really like to make contact with you as I was one of Ruperts team for 3 years, and can possibly relate some our experiances. Remembering, of course 50 years have since passed, and some memories fade.Regards Peter.

petjon said...

My E-mail address:-


Anonymous said...

hi there piggy, how are you doing? I would like to know how I can get a copy of the Operation Noah as my grandfather helped build the dam wall in the fifties, his name was Cedric Fletcher . We always went to Kariba on our fishing trips and have always heards stories of the operation noah and would really like to give this to my father on DVD as he has the book on it already. please may you advise me on how i can get a copy of this and what price.

Piggy said...

Hello to all and thank you so much for your lovely comments and memories about Operation Noah!

I am trying to follow up with all who left email addresses.

For those who didn't, and would like to correspond, please find me at the following email address (please remove spaces between letters - I am trying to avoid spambots):

k i r s t e n k d r y s d a l e @ g m a i l . c o m

One day - one day soon, I hope - I will finally get around to making something out of all this great story of early conservation work. I work in the media in Australia, so have the contacts and some of the expertise - all that's missing is the time and money to dedicate to it.

Kind Regards,

Kirsten (Rupert Fothergill's granddaughter)

Lesley said...

Hello, In 1976 my then husband and I were visiting Zimbabwe from our temporary home in RSA. By chance we came across a couple living on a pontoon boat on the shore of Kariba ( I think). they invited us onboard where they had huge photo albums full of photos of what I now know as Operation Noah. I wish I had taken more notice of their names - I imagine it could have been your parents/grandparents? I may even have photos but if so, they will be in the UK - I'm currently in France. In any event, meeting them was an unforgetable experience and a great privilage. They were incredibly generous to have taken the time to speak to us.I would really be interested in the DVD when it is available. Lesley

barbara bischoff said...


My name is Barbara Barnet Bischoff

my late father Keith Barnet was working in Kariba in !957.

I really would love to get hold of a copy of the DVD Operation Noah.

my email address is sox_99@hotmail.com

My kate Uncle Bud Flanagan used to own the Lake View Motel in the mid 60's to the mid 70's

Looking forward to hearing from yo

Laura Aylett said...

I just googled Operation Noah and found your blog after seeing footage of it in a BBC programme called Rock and Roll Years from the 80s. Each episode runs through the major events and interesting news footage of a year, and Operation Noah features in the 1959 episode.
Thought you might like to know that it made the cut!

Andrew Anderson said...

My uncle Dr Tony Harthoorn was Mr Fothergill's right-hand-man on this operation, and was instrumental in the relocation of thousands of wildlife. I would appreciate having details of where or from whom the DVD can be purchased.

Andrew Anderson

Email: andrew.shirley@clear.net.nz

GrahamS said...
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Jeroen said...

Hello Piggy, We'd like to publish a Blog Post about this incredible operation. One of our experts (Melissa Shales) has written a great Blog Post about and now I am looking for some nice pictures to accompany the post. I found some on Google+ from Kirsten and would like to ask permission to use a few of those. Could you please let us know at contact@safaribookings.com? I can then send you a copy of the Blog Post. Thanks very much for your reply. Best Jeroen

Anonymous said...

Hello Piggy,
My name's Heidi Toluzzi my grandfather Henry (Hank)Toluzzi also took a lot of the footage and was involved in saving the animals.
I would love a copy of the dvd, I live in sydney australia and would be happy to pay for postage as well. contact me at heidirose1996@hotmail.com or annieheidi@aapt.net.au

Thanks! x

zambezi pictures said...

saving some funds to film, a documentary about the operation noah heroes. it pains me to see the way the animals are being poached in matusadonha n zimbabwe as a whole. though ther are some anti poaching teams who are doing working day n night protecting the wild life. THE STORY NEEDS TO BE SHOWN TO THE WORLD

petjon said...

ZAMBEZI PICTURES I am in full agreement with you re a documentary. Being the last survivor of the Operation Noah team you have my full support and any assistance I can give you. Please feel free to contact me direct at ptrbjon@gmail.com

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